1. The End For Now

    As of December 31, 2013, PictureBox will no longer release any new titles. This was not an easy decision, but the company is no longer feasible for me as a thoroughgoing venture. Change is, as the cliché goes, a good thing, and I am proud of PictureBox the idea and the company, and grateful to the many artists I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve been publishing since 2000, and without such an astounding array of loyal and talented people PictureBox would be nothing. Some of my closest friends were made while working on PictureBox projects.

    I want to thank all the artists and writers I’ve worked with over the years, and I look forward to future ventures together in other areas. I also want to thank all the stores and distributors who have carried PictureBox over the years. And thank you, readers and book lovers, for your support.

    PictureBox books will remain available to stores and individuals through my distributors and this web site.

    But don’t be sad. Celebrate by taking 50% off everything on the PictureBox site through January 2. 

    Get in there and search for gems. Books, prints, posters, CDs, DVDs, etc.

    This includes all our new books, like Matthew Thurber’s INFOMANIACS, Osamu Tezuka’s Mysterious Underground MenGold Pollen and Other Stories by Seiichi Hayashi, School Spirits by Anya Davidson, World Map Room by Yuichi Yokoyama, and Pompeii by Frank Santoro.

    Just use this coupon code at checkout: sale 



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    R.I.P. PictureBox
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    Not great news, but the coldblooded consumer can get 50% off everything on the site. I picked up Frank Santoro’s...
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    damn y’all
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    Disappointing, but thanks for all the great comics, Picturebox! Blutch, Tezuka, C.F., Chippendale, Suguira, Graham,...
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    much sad.
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    Already picked up a couple of things. The comic fans in my life are in for a weird Christmas. Good Luck.
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